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I Can't Breathe: An Open Letter To Others Who Seem To Have Lost Their Breath!!

“If you are neutral in the situations of injustice, you have choses the side of the oppressor.” Desmond Tutu...This is not an African American issue, though it is negatively affecting African Americans directly, this is a human issue. In a season that is supposed to be drawing us together, there are still items that expose how fragile our actual relations are. Let this be a defining moment where silence is broken, stands are taken, and change is made. I encourage you as you listen to the comments of your friends, your family, and the statements of your pastors, that you take note to how they are stewarding their breath, their voice, and their presence. For if they are silent, just standing around, and not taking a stance, then they are just as guilty as the system that is kneeling directly on the neck of the oppressed.

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